Kind Words

“Melissa is awesome! As a mentor, she’s taught me how to really understand a wedding day and the hustle required to be a successful wedding photographer. Through her years of experience she taught me how to look at wedding photography with a new perspective and how to capture moments as they naturally unfold. She teaches the hustle, that in any moment, there’s always something to capture, a new angle, a candid moment or a detail you may otherwise miss. Her experience with couples is clear in her ability to have them relax and be themselves in front of the camera. From there, she knows how to capture variety and get the most out of every pose. She’s taught me to be a storyteller, to think of a wedding or any project as a sum of all it’s parts, with a beginning, middle and end. Through Melissa, I’ve learned that weddings aren’t just about the big moments like the first kiss or dance but every little detail through the day. Plus, she’s awesome, funny, patient and easy going. She breaks each process down into it’s simplest forms and transfers her knowledge to make you a better equipped and more confident photographer.”